Digging a Hole to China

As a kid, I spent hours of my childhood playing in the dirt with my friends.  We’d dig holes as deep as we could and fantasize about what it would be like to dig so far we reached the other side: what it would be like to dig all the way to China.  Our spoons couldn’t carry quite as much dirt as we’d want, we’d feel 20 feet deep when we had barely scratched the surface, and we had no idea what to expect if we were to reach the other side.

Now I’m 24 and I play in the dirt a little less, but I’ve found myself once again trying to dig to China.  In October, I applied and was accepted to be a part of a team going to China on January 19th.  On this trip, each member of the team would be partnered with an orphan and a translator, and would be charged with telling that child’s story through a visual medium (photo, video). The trip was going to last 2 weeks, we would be spending most of our time in Xi’an, China, and it was going to cost roughly 3000.

I had found myself sitting in the dirt with a spoon, a fear of not making it to China, and an uncertainty of what I’d find if I did get there. And just like when I was young, my fear and doubt quickly escaped me once I found myself surrounded by loving friends all holding spoons too.

Through the encouragement from friends and family members, I’ve been able to fearlessly press forward in preparation for this trip.  And thanks to the generous support of many, I have raised more than half of the money needed to fund my trip.  Now with the destination getting close, I’m trying to prepare for my arrival.  

I have gotten the shots I need, organized transportation and lodging for my stay, all my travel documents are in order, I’ve cleaned my video gear, and planned out how to pack everything I need.  I am prepared, and now I have two weeks to get ready.  I don’t know what to expect once I arrive in China, but I have unwavering confidence in God’s sovereignty and plan.

I intend to publish a post at least once a week on my preparation for the trip, my experience in China, and the aftermath of the trip.  I would love for you to stay up to date on what God is doing in and through us.  All prayer and encouragement for both me and the rest of the team is graciously welcomed.

Thank you for your love and support. -Andrew


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